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Welcome to the website of the Auckland American Classic Car Club.  The AACCC is dedicated to fun and family, cruising, socialising, and enjoying the preservation and enjoyment of all American cars but particularly those of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It is a club that welcomes American classic car owners with all standards of vehicles from work in progress to minters but all need to be driven. Each month we have club events which include car shows, cruises to a local or rural cafe, a breakfast at a local restaurant, or something else fun and engaging. We also have an annual picnic which is great fun for members and their families. Check the events calendar for upcoming events. We also have a gallery of pictures and videos of our cruising and members ongoing vehicle restorations.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Knowing if you have the right car insurance for your vehicle can be difficult. Many people know if their coverage is liability or collision, but unfortunately, many people do not know pay much attention to the type of coverage they have until they are involved in an accident. When looking for car insurance, many important financial decisions must come into play. When teenagers are added to their parents’ insurance, the cost is extremely expensive. However, once the teens begin paying for their own car insurance, they often opt for less expensive car insurance policies. By following the tips below, you will have a better chance at getting the best Car Insurance by Youi policy for the money that you spend.

There are several basic types of car insurance coverage. However, all coverage basically has the same purpose, and this purpose is to protect the owner’s assets and health. The first step when shopping for car insurance is to ensure that the right and proper coverage is selected. Listed below are some of the types of coverage that most people will purchase.

The first type of car insurance coverage that people may purchase is liability coverage. Liability coverage protects the vehicle’s owner when another person is injured in an accident. The coverage will pay for any injuries or death-related claims; in addition, liability coverage will pay for the other driver’s vehicle if it is damaged because of the accident. In most states, drivers must have a minimum of liability coverage.

A second type of coverage is collision coverage. Collision coverage is more expensive than liability coverage in most cases, and this is because the driver’s vehicle is also covered in the event of an automobile accident. If a person is still paying on a vehicle loan, the person will be required to have collision coverage and not just liability coverage. The reason for this is because the car does not belong to the driver since he or she is still paying on the vehicle loan. The bank would not want to have a wrecked car in which no one will pay to have repaired.

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A third type of insurance coverage is comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive insurance coverage will protect the vehicle during a wide range of events. These events may include theft, vandalism, fire, or water. It is important to decide if the vehicle really needs comprehensive coverage, especially considering that comprehensive coverage is the most expensive. If the vehicle is old and not worth much, then comprehensive coverage is probably not needed. However, if the vehicle is still new and a loan is still being paid, comprehensive coverage may need to be considered.

Car insurance is very important; however, deciding on the best coverage is even more important. It is important that people consider their vehicle and their needs when selecting car insurance coverage. Newer cars may need better coverage than older cars. When searching for car insurance, people should be sure to consider the price and the coverage that they will get.

Car Insurance Rates

Car Insurance Rates

Discrimination is strictly forbidden in most every industry, but the things that you are protected from when looking for a new job are precisely the factors your car insurance agency is looking for when determining the rates you pay for car insurance. You can’t be denied a job because of your age or marital status, but you can be charged higher car insurance rates for both. It’s not always something drivers consider fair, but it’s standard practice in the car insurance industry. Find out what else makes a difference in the premium you pay when you’re shopping for a new car insurance policy Car Insurance NZ

Your Age

There’s no age limit on your car insurance policy other than you must be legally old enough to have a license, but you will find your rates are affected by your age. Typically, younger drivers are more expensive to insure, and rates drop when a person turns 25. There is an exception to the rule if you get married before the age of 25. Additionally, females are considered safer drivers and are less expensive at this age than male drivers to insurance.

Your car insurance policy is also less expensive when you reach the age of 60 and retire. The less you are on the road driving to and from work, the safer a driver you are considered.

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Your Location

Both your work and home locations are used to consider how much you are quoted for a car insurance policy. Generally, insurance companies charge you less if you live close to work in a safe community. The better the community, the better the chance other drivers are insured, and there is a smaller risk your car is broken into by someone.

When you live in a neighborhood with a lower economic status, your rates rise significantly as a result of your neighbors. Those who make less are more likely to drive without insurance, and these are usually the neighborhoods in which crime rates are higher.

Your Credit Score

Even if you have excellent credit, your score matters to car insurance companies. They want to know you are a safe driver, and they use your credit to determine this. Not all car insurance companies rely on credit to give quotes, but many do. This means better credit means a better rate. Those with poor credit are classified as riskier drivers and customers by insurance companies.

If you want the best rates for your insurance policy on your vehicle, you must know what is going to affect the rates you carry. Driving a safer, newer car can help lower your rates, and negotiation is always useful. If you want to see about lower rates, call your current company and ask. If they say no, look elsewhere and compare rates. Most companies are happy to keep their long-time good customers by lowering their rates. It takes nothing more than a simple phone call to find out whether you qualify for a lower rate.